Trans-West provides janitorial, day porter and maintenance services.
Did You Know?
Trans-West uses the same hiring & screening standards for all of our employees.

Why Trans-West

Benefits of Using Trans-West

Trans-West provides security and janitorial/maintenance services to our customers and is a trusted core businesses partner that is dependable, accountable and brings a proven performance and safety record!

  • Seamless communication between service providers
  • Cross-trained personnel with full recognition of account policies and procedures and protocol for access to the accounts/facilitie(s)
  • Strong supervision presence
  • Real-time, web-based reporting system
  • Thorough background and screening of all employees
  • Employees that are supplied with adequate safety equipment & professional uniforms
  • Regular communication with Trans-West supervision and management
  • SAFETY!  Safety is not just a pillar of Trans-West but is infused into every part of our business.
  • Support by a dispatch team that operates 24/7

Trans-West has the necessary infrastructure & operational hydraulics that is required to provide the expected service requests at the highest level of performance for our customers.  This includes, management & operations, 24/7 supervision & dispatch, personnel, policies & procedures, training program, and safe & effective operational processes that ensure compliance and accountability.

In addition, Trans-West has cross-trained personnel that provide immediate relief for personnel at all our accounts.  Trans-West also has a rapid deployment team that is properly trained and equipped to support immediate response for emergencies and additional service requests.  Just as important as cross-trained personnel, Trans-West has additional vehicles, equipment & supplies, uniforms and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that are necessary for this type of service and responsiveness.