Trans-West provides janitorial, day porter and maintenance services.
Did You Know?
Trans-West’s 24/7 dispatch team supports both security and janitorial / maintenance.


Trans-West Services, Inc. provides janitorial, day porter and maintenance services. We also provide cleaning services for special jobs such as windows, floors and deep cleaning. We recognize and respect that security and janitorial personnel are provided sensitive access to our customer’s facilities and property and therefore should be carefully screened, hired and be cleared through use of criminal background checks and drug tests. We are locally-owned and a certified woman-owned business.



Trans-West Special Services, Inc. is comprised of professional team members, all current or retired law enforcement.  This team brings a combined 600+ years experience.  In addition to their extensive law enforcement experience, they have their guard cards, CCW’s, exposed firearms permits, private investigative licenses and other special certifications.  The services officered by this special team include, but are not limited to:

  • Executive Transportation

Trans-West has professional SUV’s that are used to provide safe and comfortable transportation for executives, guest speakers and dignitaries.  All drivers are SMITH Defensive Driver trained and provide the clients with a professional transportation experience.  This includes pick up/drop off from airports or transportation hubs as well as escorts throughout their stay each destination.

  • Executive and armed protection (uniform and plain clothed officers)

Trans-West has a team of professional and highly trained armed security to provide services necessary for rapid deployment, short-term or long-term protection. These services are often needed for personnel/HR issues, terminations, threats and high-profile events.

  • Private Investigations (Worker’s Compensation, Employee Theft & Human Resources)

Trans-West offers a full range of private investigation services to assist with worker’s compensation fraud, theft and human resources investigations.  This includes, but is not limited to surveillance, interviews, undercover involvement/participation in related media sites and/or associations or groups.  We pride ourselves on our diligence and dedication to our investigations and providing the utmost professional quality of work. 

  • Threat Assessments

Trans-West can help protect yourself, your assets, reputation, and business.  Through our experienced associates and subcontractors, allow us to assess your physical security risks, financial risks, documentary risks, online reputational risks, and personal safety risks. Trans-West Special Services is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

  • Judgment Enforcement & Process Services

If you have been awarded a judgment through a lawsuit and the debtor will not pay willingly, allow Trans-West to assist you in collecting what you are owed. Services include detailed and up-to-date asset searches, as well as going to court and fighting for your money.

  • Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is an essential part of locating and tracking individuals. Trans-West is able to successfully perform this service to our customers by gathering, organizing, and analyzing information to locate a person for use of subpoena service, locating long-lost relatives, assistance in debt collection, etc. Trans-West provides professionals with extensive law enforcement experience, private investigations, special access to secure software used for locating and tracking and tracking. Our professionals also utilize multiple platforms within Social Media to perform advanced searches and monitoring of individuals. 

  • Analytics Monitoring

Trans-West employs advanced software to offer a powerful social media monitoring and analytics platform. We are able to supervise and analyze online conversations around the world – in 27 languages – regarding your company brand, officers of your organization, industry competition and topics of interest. Adding to the technology of the software is the value Trans-West brings with the necessary security personnel, investigative approach, IT expertise, and critical business understanding. Our analytics customers receive accurate, timely and actionable data whereby they can make expert decisions based on our reporting.

  • Background Checks & Private Investigations

Comprehensive background screenings tailored to your individual needs. Screenings include employment status/history, litigation history, criminal background, social media activity, and many other public record reports. All background investigations are preformed within the perimeters of the applicable State and Federal privacy laws.




Comprehensive report with local court searches including asset review and bankruptcy disposition.

  • Personal Information (SSN, marital status, relatives, voter registration, utilities, vehicle registrations, weapons permits and licenses)
  • Initial local asset search (Property or businesses associated with the individual, as well as locations)
  • Criminal and traffic record
  • Associates (Any related known associates directly or indirectly connected)

An in-depth investigation utilizing licensed private investigators to explore further the results provided in the primary search.  This includes conducting interviews, surveillance and County/State/Federal records retrieval.

  • Review of the primary background check with analysis of the data results to identify any questions, gaps or inconsistencies in the information.
  • Conduct interviews with appropriate parties to verify/validate the data collected.
  • Perform surveillance on subjects and/or property if or when necessary.

Very detailed asset and credit search, combining both the information gathered from the primary electronic search and secondary investigative search.  This goes far beyond the initial asset search diving deep into the financial records of the individual.

  • Full credit report
  • Federal, State and County asset search (Property zoned, 401K, bankruptcies, brokerage accounts, business accounts and other pertinent assets)
  • Bank account locates

All pricing is flexible and based on an agreed upon service levels/agreements.  We can perform background checks on a per check basis or as an ongoing service agreement with our customers.  We work directly with each customer to construct a pricing plan based on the level and amount of searches performed.

For more information about our special services, contact:

Tracey Nolan, Special Services Manager
661-381-2900 24/7 office  *  951-415-8237 cell  *