Safety is infused into every part of our business and operations.
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Trans-West offers seamless communication between service providers.


TRANS-WEST’s Direct Power Division is a DC power provider that specializes in providing back up of critical loads and equipment. We offer services for all industries seeking continuous power. This service requires professional and dependable operations that are compliant in all Federal, State and industry specific requirements safety, training, equipment maintenance and testing.

We maintain and service a multitude of power systems including DC batteries, chargers, UPS, emergency lighting, solar and power supply systems. We offer specialized testing including load bank capacity checks. We assess, design, install, maintain, remove and dispose of many different applications. We comply with all Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards along with National, Federal and State standards. We have access to various top people, products and power systems on the market to fit any application.


Brady joins the TRANS-WEST team and brings over 11 years of experience in the direct power industry. His specific experience centers around installation and maintenance services for oil & gas companies, refineries, utilities sub stations, telecom, agriculture, City and County Governments, water districts, hospitals, solar and much more…

Not only does he have the industry and service experience, he has directly managed sales, project designs, service delivery and day-to-day operations. This includes completing some of the biggest jobs in these industries from start to finish!

TRANS-WEST’s philosophy is regardless of the broad base of services we provide – we are a customer service business first! Safe & professional operations are core drivers for TRANS-WEST and directs our operational approach. Our safety record and length of service relationships we have with our customers validate this. Brady embodies this philosophy and has advanced sales, developed new and maintained contracts with companies through his
commitment to safety, service, experience, and customer relations.

Our customers appreciate not only his qualified experience heading up major jobs, but also his ability to provide detailed quotes, accurate job planning (including appropriate people, supplies, equipment and timelines for projects), scheduling, reports, safety & training compliance and oversight of the team of technicians dedicated to each project.

Please contact the TRANS-WEST Team to find out how we can develop, advance and support your power system.

Brady Briscoe
661-858-6052 cell / 661-381-2900 office