Safety is infused into every part of our business and operations.
Did You Know?
Trans-West uses the same hiring & screening standards for all of our employees.


As a part of our company-wide GoGREEN efforts, Trans-West participates in various programs and utilizes processes that respect the environment AND we have committed to planting trees in the City & County every year. Trans-West also supports the Vision 2020 plan established for our Community.

Our GoGREEN philosophy includes internal processes as well as external in the field.  These efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing fleet of hybrid vehicles
    • Each year Trans-West drives nearly 2 million miles, Trees are a way we can both increase our air quality and increase the amount of green space found in our County!
  • Use environmentally friendly, certified cleaning products & office products
  • Transition to a paperless reporting, documentation and information sharing system.
    • This advanced reporting system is real-time and web-based that is GPS enabled for tracking and accountability purposes and allows us to report in a much more qualitative manner for our customers!
  • Reduction of waste through an aggressive recycling program within the office and with products used.
  • Management of waste/materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • And…planting trees in Kern County. In fact, since 2009, Trans-West has helped plant over 200 trees.